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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Does God Think Of Me When I'm Told I'm Ugly? When I Hate Myself? When No One Cares?

Lets face it, there is a cruel aspect to life that isn't fair.   People like to bully and hurt
other people.  And it is painful.  Growing up someone bullied me and called me all
kinds of names that today I still cannot stand to hear.   Stupid, idiot, ugly, moron,
and they used statements to let me know I'd never become anyone special, never have
anyone special and never survive this life in fact.

But they were wrong.  I met Jesus and found out who loves me.  I found out I'm not
ugly, or stupid or an idiot.  That I could have friends, and be loved by others.

So what about you my friend?  Who has hurt you?  Jesus can take this hurt and turn
it around for you too just like he did for me.  Won't You Take A Chance and Trust in
Him?  He's always up for the challenge.  He wants You to become His Child and to be
loved and cherished by Him

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Friday, December 30, 2011

God Help Me Please I Need You! Someone Close to Me Just Died

It is painful when someone we love dies and it is hard to go on without that person. Recently I ran across this amazing video of a little boy who is helping people world wide deal with death. It just might help you too.

If you would like to learn to know the God this little boy believes in ...
visit here:


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Inspirational Story Of a Boy Named Jacob Who Survived A Terrible Accident

Listen while Jacob's Mother describes how God helped this family through A Terrible Time of Struggles and Despair and God Can help you too.

In 1987 I also had a terrible car accident which left me paralyzed.  My story is here:
It was the Lord who got me through it and it was the Lord Jesus Christ who helps me
from day to day today and in the future.  I am a happy healthy lady today and I
attribute it to him.  If you are suffering from an injury of any kind I invite you to meet
Jesus too Please go here


Monday, November 28, 2011

If You Are Crying Out God Please Help Me I Need You, The Question is Will You Trust Him?

Trust is a very hard thing for most people to do.
After all many times when you trust someone
they let you down. It is true isn't it.

I know I've been let down too. My own dad
mistreated me. He should have been kind to
me but he was mean. I was just a little girl.

So who do you trust, is there anyone out there you
really can trust? Doesn't everyone let you down
sooner or later?

The answer is yes every human being will let
you down at some point, but probably by
accident and if not by accident its really hard
to tell if it was on purpose. I know.

The Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews that
God will never fail us. If you don't believe me
just look up Hebrews 13:5 at

We've a website where you can follow the steps
and make Jesus the Lord of your life. He will
be your constant friend. Watch the video's there
and do what it says and be careful at the third
video to follow the instructions there too.


If you want to write to me here at the blog I'll
be glad to hear from you or write us a email
after you go to our website. You'll see our email
address there as well.

Blessings my friend...if you will believe and accept
Jesus you will find freedom


Saturday, November 5, 2011

God Please Help Me Overcome The Abuse In My Life!

Here's a Story of One Girl Whom God Helped Overcome The Abusive Life She Was Born Into

go here if you'd like to know Jesus And Receive His Help:

Abuse comes in many forms, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc.  And
one is not worse then the the others.  They are all abuse.  When I was abused for most
of my  life I went to various counselors, and places that should have done something
to help me.   But I found help in the arms of Jesus.   He didn't take the abuse away
immediately but over the years it has been healed up.  While I was in it tho I was able
to run to the Lord and let him wrap his arms of love around me.  I know.  Others just
don't understand or know what to do but Jesus understands.  He was beatten and hated
and died a horrible death when the world rejected him he understands you and he

Visit here to meet him:


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Bible Clearly Tells Us Unless A Man
be Born Again He cannot see HEAVEN which
is the the kingdom of God. What does Born
again mean? Who do I have to believe in?
Can I be Good Enough and get into HEAVEN?
These are all questions everyone wants to know
but few find the truth. Here's a verse from the
Bible that answers these questions...

For by grace are we saved by faith and that not
of itself it is a gift of God not of works lest any
man should boast. You cannot work your way
in or be good enough. Too many people think
they're good enuf to get in. But the Bible has
something to say about that too... there's another
problem the Bible also tells us:


No one is good enough. God cannot look at sin.

Think about your life is there really any time
when you were ever able to just be good
without making the mistake of saying a lie?
Be honest. That's why Jesus came and died. The
Bible tells us this:

 John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He
Gave His Only Begotten Son that Who So Ever
would believe in Him would have everlasting
life. He took the punishment of our sins on
Himself or in other words if we believe in Him
and confess our sins we will be forgiven and
go to heaven.

The Bible says simply to do it like this:

If we confess our sins Jesus is faithful and just to
forgive our sins. You must believe in God's Son
and confess you a sinner thats it! Thats all it
takes to get to HEAVEN. After you ask Him to
be your Savior then the helper comes (the Holy
Spirit to guide us to do what is right) Thats
how it works. We cannot in and of ourselve be
good enough. No new age book on self
enlightenment will help us. Nothing But Jesus.

The Bible Also Tells there is no salvation in any

Follow the steps ->Just Click -> here

P.S There is such a thing as death. We all will take
our final breath. Make a choice NOW before it is
too late. Jesus Gods Son has told my
father's house I have prepared a place for you and
when I come back I will receive you unto myself.........
and He will take you to HEAVEN as His bride

Follow the steps HERE right now!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Suicidal Help Me! I'm Crying out God Please Me I Need You!

My Precious Friend Here Is My
Message to you.

I was YOU many years ago and I
am no longer crying that cry. I
want to tell you my story
what happened to me.

I don't tell in the story how I
spent many many days fighting the
desire to want to die before
my accident happened, but I do
tell what saved my life.

It took me a long time to find the
solution I didn't think anything
could help me. But I took baby
steps to it. If you have to take
baby steps then take baby steps
but do follow my links on this
page and at least listen to the
video's and what is written there.

If you will go on and accept help
from this site and stay with Him
He will stay with you. And every
day it will get better for you
because He will Guide you and help

I will tell you this....You are
free to reason, even though wrong.
You're not free to kill yourself.
Your life to me is more precious
than it is to you. I know. For I
grieved for you, more than you.

If you would like to find out who
can help you read my story...

Claire's Testimonial, Click Here